2020 Country Fact Sheets

 The 2020 Country Fact Sheets and interactive dashboard provide context for the Tobacco Transformation Index™ by highlighting the regulatory, socioeconomic, and competitive conditions of 36 countries within which the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies operate.

Combined, the 36 countries covered represent approximately 85% of current global sales and consumption of tobacco products. The selected countries include the global top 20 for smoking prevalence and the global top 20 for total number of smokers. Additional countries were selected to represent regional variations and a mix of income levels to give further global context.

Learn More About the Country Indicators

The Country Fact Sheets describe relevant policies and conditions across 36 countries, including detailed insight on regulations, industry prevalence and structure, and impacts on society across all nicotine product types available in the market.

2020 Index Results

The 2020 index assesses the activities and performance of the world’s 15 most globally and regionally influential tobacco companies as they pertain to tobacco harm reduction.