The Tobacco Transformation Index™ aims to accelerate the reduction of harm caused by tobacco use. The Index ranks the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies on their relative progress toward harm reduction.

What Is the Tobacco Transformation Index™?

The Index is a tool to accelerate the necessary transformation of the global tobacco industry for the benefit of public health.

By monitoring and critically evaluating tobacco companies’ behavior, including actions that either support or impede tobacco harm reduction, the Index provides objective, transparent information to all stakeholders and incentivizes companies to act more quickly and responsibly than they otherwise would.


Why Is the Index Needed?

The global effort to curtail and address the health impacts of tobacco use – particularly smoking – has made material progress in recent decades. However, globally, more than a billion people still smoke, and more than eight million people die prematurely every year due to tobacco use.

The Tobacco Transformation Index™ seeks to accelerate progress by charting a path for the tobacco industry to significantly reduce harm from tobacco use, beginning with the elimination of its highest-risk products.

How Does the Index Work?

Every two years, the Index ranks the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies, accounting for approximately 90% of global cigarette volume sales, on their relative progress towards harm reduction. This ranking and supporting analyses help stimulate innovation and competition among the companies and equip all stakeholders with valuable information to drive change.

The Index is supplemented by Country Fact Sheets profiling policy and related conditions in 36 markets, which also account for approximately 85% of current global sales and consumption of tobacco products. The objective of the Country Fact Sheets is to help contextualize and, over time, more deeply analyze companies’ relevant activities in these markets.