The Tobacco Transformation Index®

The Tobacco Transformation Index® aims to accelerate the reduction of harm caused by tobacco use. The Index ranks the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies on their relative progress toward harm reduction.

What Are Tobacco Companies Selling Where Reduced-Risk Products Are Legal?

Index research indicates that tobacco companies do not consistently sell reduced-risk products (RRPs) in countries where they are legally allowed and also sell high-risk products (HRPs).

Key Findings and Insights

On November 9, 2022, Barnaby Page, editor of ECigIntelligence, interviewed David Janazzo and Amir Ali about the second edition of the Tobacco Transformation Index.

2022 Tobacco Transformation Index Press Release

The second edition of the Tobacco Transformation Index has been published after two years of research into the efforts of the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies to reduce the harm of their products.

What Is the Tobacco Transformation Index®?

The Index is a tool to accelerate the necessary transformation of the global tobacco industry for the benefit of public health.

By monitoring and critically evaluating tobacco companies’ behavior, including actions that either support or impede tobacco harm reduction, the Index provides objective, transparent information to all stakeholders and incentivizes companies to act more quickly and responsibly than they otherwise would.

This short animation explains how the Index can encourage industry transformation and accelerate tobacco harm reduction.

David Janazzo discusses the 2022 Tobacco Transformation Index.

During the 2021 Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) in London, key stakeholders discussed the Tobacco Transformation Index and its potential to become a valuable tool for investors and the implications for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.

Erik Bloomquist, Pieter Vorster, and Rupert Wilson discuss considerations of the Index as a tool for investors.

Jonathan Fell discusses the implications of ESG investing for industry transformation.

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