Index Mission

The Tobacco Transformation Index™ works to accelerate the reduction of the harm caused by tobacco use.

Although there has been significant effort at multilateral and national levels over many decades to materially reduce overall harm, tobacco use remains stubbornly high; moreover, new scientific research notwithstanding, harm reduction is strikingly low.

We aid the transformation of the tobacco industry by delivering reliable data and insights to support investor choices, stimulating competition, and building effective information resources for stakeholders in the process of change.The core Index ranks the progress of the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies regarding harm reduction.The Index is dynamic in nature. Working in two-year cycles, we identify and track the factors of tobacco business activity that are materially related to harm, as well as those that significantly reduce harm.Our focus is on the elimination of the highest-risk products, particularly cigarettes.

Our goal is a sustained and substantial reduction of the harm caused by smoking.


Over 1 billion people continue to suffer harm from smoking, 8 million people die every year as a result, with the futures of millions of others – families, economies, societies – impacted by avoidable loss.

More than 90% of that harm and loss is caused by combustible tobacco.

Research demonstrates a stalling of progress, and the tobacco epidemic continues today. Over 80% of the world’s 1.3 billion tobacco users live in low- and middle-income countries.

Without targeted and progressive industry change, 3 trillion cigarettes will continue to be smoked in 2050. At current rates, there will be an estimated 10 million tobacco-related deaths per year by the early 2030s.

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