Detailed results and analysis of the 2020 Tobacco Transformation Index.

Standalone executive summary from the 2020 Index Ranking Report

Detailed summary of the scope, measurement categories and indicators, and other key scoring elements for the 2020 index

Advisory Panel’s independent statement on the process and execution of the 2020 Tobacco Transformation Index

Summary of the approach and results of engagement with tobacco companies as part of the index design, research, and analysis process.

Consolidated response to questions and comments received from tobacco companies.

Consolidated response to questions and comments received via public comment on the index design.

Summary of the extensive stakeholder consultation conducted during 2019 to aid the design and development of the Tobacco Transformation Index

Main elements of the preliminary company index design, including measurement categories and indicators.

Preliminary indicators for fact sheets on regulations, industry prevalence and structure, and impacts on society across 36 countries.

Advisory Panel’s responsibilities and operating procedures.

Initial call for proposals in September2018 to develop the Tobacco Transformation Index (initially referred to as the Smoke-Free Index)