Value and volume sales of RRPs among the 15 Index Companies are increasing but remain low, especially in LMICs

  • Over the 2019-2021 review period, the share of RRPs as a ratio of total nicotine and tobacco product sales of the 15 Index Companies increased to 4.6% (2019: 3.4%) in volume and 4.9% (2019: 3.6%) in value.
  • Swedish Match was the only company to derive more than half of both its value (71%) and volume (52.5%, in per stick equivalent terms) sales from RRPs, with no other manufacturer surpassing 30% (Figures 17 and 18).
  • The share of RRP sales in HMICs was 4.3% (2019: 3.3%) in value and 5.2% (2019: 4.2%) in volume.
  • The share of RRP sales in LMICs was 1.4% (2019: 0.6%) in value and 0.9% (2019: 0.3%) in volume.
  • As a share of total RRP Volume Sales, heated tobacco grew from 40.9% in 2019 to 50.0% in 2021. The share of closed system vaping products, e-liquids, and non-tobacco nicotine pouches (as a share of total RRP Volume Sales) also increased in 2021 compared to 2019, while the share of chewing tobacco, moist snuff and snus declined.

For a complete list of sources and references, download the full Index Ranking report.

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