Seven Companies disclose a Youth Access Prevention Policy

  • Altria, BAT, Imperial, JT, KT&G, PMI and Swedish Match have Youth Access Prevention Policies with specific practical guidelines. 
  • Altria’s Youth Access Prevention Policy (“Standards for Underage Use Prevention”) discloses practical guidelines, e.g., each operating company develops an annual “Underage Use Prevention” plan.
  • BAT’s Youth Access Prevention Policy (“YAP”) discloses practical guidelines, e.g., where legal, it is mandatory for BAT local subsidiaries to provide retailers with point-of-sale materials with Youth Access Prevention messaging.
  • Imperial’s Youth Access Prevention Policy discloses practical actions taken, e.g., for Blu in the USA, it conducts surveys of youth use of RRPs. 
  • JT discloses principles for not targeting minors in two of its four Global Marketing Principles. JT discloses practical guidelines of how it applies the principles, e.g., not depicting anyone in marketing who appears to be under 25. 
  • KT&G’s Youth Access Prevention Policy, (“Minor Protection” and “Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign”), discloses practical actions, e.g., campaigns on age verification and education. 
  • PMI’s Youth Access Prevention Policy (“Standards on Underage Tobacco and Nicotine Use”) and both of PMI’s Marketing Policies (for RRPs and HRPs) disclose practical guidelines for youth prevention, e.g., “Marketing, and Sales materials must be placed where they are likely to reach Adult Consumers and not in places or channels frequented primarily by minors.”
  • Swedish Match’s Youth Access Prevention Policy (“Adult only policy”), discloses practical guidelines e.g., prohibiting the depiction of people in advertising who appear under 25. 
  • CNTC, Djarum, Gudang Garam, ITC, Swisher, TOAT, and Vinataba do not publicly disclose Youth Access Prevention Policies beyond applicable laws and regulations. 

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