RRP legality of commercialization influences companies’ opportunities for tobacco harm reduction

  • As per Figure 19, the commercialization of the following products was prohibited.
  • Snus and moist snuff, in 13 of 36 Index Countries.
  • Closed system vaping products and e-liquids, in ten of 36 Index Countries.
  • Non-tobacco nicotine pouches, in nine of 36 Index Countries.
  • Heated tobacco, in eight of 36 Index Countries.
  • Chewing tobacco, in six of 36 Index Countries.
  • Over the 2019-2021 review period, ITC and TOAT had limited opportunities to offer RRPs, due to RRP bans in their domestic markets.
  • In India, the commercialization of e-vapor and heated tobacco was banned. 
  • In Thailand, the commercialization of e-vapor products, heated tobacco, chewing tobacco, moist snuff and snus were banned. 

For a complete list of sources and references, download the full Index Ranking report.

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