Lack of details in terms of reporting Marketing Policy violations

  • Altria, BAT, Imperial, JT, PMI, and Swedish Match disclose Marketing Policy violations.
  • In 2020-2021, Altria disclosed zero Master Settlement Enforcement actions and that none of its audits surfaced findings related to marketing policy non-compliance.
  • BAT disclosed 30 Marketing Policy breaches in 2021, citing that most of the breaches were related to age verification and health warnings. BAT disclosed remediation taken, e.g., the formation of a new “Digital Confidence Unit” to conduct 24/7 monitoring. 
  • Imperial disclosed no material incidents of non-compliance concerning marketing communications in 2021.
  • JT disclosed that in 2020 “no issues were found against our voluntary code, our Global Marketing Principles.” 
  • KT&G disclosed that there were zero cases of non-compliance with marketing principles in 2020.
  • PMI disclosed 13 violations of marketing codes in 2021. As a consequence of the violations, PMI took disciplinary actions, of which 15% consisted of employment termination, 8% in suspension, 15% in written warning, and 62% in verbal warnings or counselling.
  • CNTC, Djarum, Gudang Garam, ITC, Swedish Match, Swisher, TOAT, and Vinataba do not publicly disclose violations of Marketing Policies.

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