Index Companies offered a growing variety of RRPs, which may increase the potential for shifting demand away from HRPs

  • At the end of 2021, ten of the 15 Index Companies offered at least one RRP in their product portfolio (Figure 28).
  • In 2021, seven of the 15 Index Companies sold non-tobacco nicotine pouches, the most commonly offered RRP. 
  • In 2021, 13 of the 15 Index Companies sold cigarettes.
  • Over the 2019-2021 review period, two Index Companies added RRPs to their product portfolios. PMI added snus and non-tobacco nicotine pouches following its acquisition of AG Snus in 2021. Swisher added non-tobacco nicotine pouches through the introduction of Rogue in 2020.
  • Five Index Companies increased the number of countries where they offered RRPs in 2019-2021 (BAT, CNTC, KT&G, PMI and Swedish Match).

For a complete list of sources and references, download the full Index Ranking report.

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