Fewer than half of Index Companies provide adequate details of stakeholder engagement as it relates to tobacco harm reduction

  • Altria, BAT, Imperial, JT, PMI and Swedish Match publicly disclose how they engage on tobacco harm reduction with stakeholders.
  • Altria disclosed that it conducted 200+ tobacco harm reduction engagements with federal and state elected officials/ policymakers, including in 46 states, 15 engagements with the FDA, and 34 engagements with public health stakeholders in 2021.1
  • BAT commissions an independent assessment each year to identify material ESG topics, which include “Reducing the HEALTH impact of our business”.2 BAT discloses examples of the engagements of scientific personnel, marketing personnel3 and the remuneration committee regarding harm reduction.4
  • Imperial discloses how it engages with stakeholders on scientific research and it discloses examples of senior leader governmental engagement.5
  • JT discloses that it actively participates in the debate about regulation of HRPs and those with potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking.6
  • PMI discloses that it has continued dialogue with multiple stakeholders, including governments and investors. As part of PMI’s 2021 Sustainability Materiality Assessment, it collected quantitative inputs through an online survey, in which “close to 150 stakeholders participated (45% internal stakeholders and 55% external stakeholders)”.7
  • Swedish Match conducts biannual materiality assessments, which in 2020 was facilitated by an external auditor and involved dialogue with consumers, regulators and the scientific community. One of the topics covered was “Harm reduction through smokefree products with low health impacts”.8
  • KT&G discloses that it has stakeholder engagement on “Reduction of harmfulness in tobacco products”, without disclosing the details of activities.9
  • CNTC, Djarum, Eastern, Gudang Garam, ITC, Swisher, TOAT, and Vinataba do not publicly disclose stakeholder engagement regarding tobacco harm reduction.

For a complete list of sources and references, download the full Index Ranking report.

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