Fewer than half of Index Companies have a policy on lobbying

  • Altria, BAT, Imperial, ITC, JT, PMI and Swedish Match have Lobbying Policies.
  • Altria’s Lobbying Policy (“Political Activity Principle and Interacting with Governments”) is part of its Code of Conduct. 
  • BAT’s Lobbying Policy (“Lobbying and Engagement Policy and Political Contributions Policy”) is part of its Standards of Business Conduct (SOBC).
  • Imperial’s Lobbying Policy (“Engaging with Governments and political Bodies”) is part of its Code of Conduct.
  • ITC’s Lobbying Policy (“Policy on Responsible Advocacy”) is disclosed on its corporate website.
  • JT’s Lobbying Policy (“External Engagement Principles”) is published as a stand-alone document.
  • PMI’s Lobbying Policy (“Responsible Engagement”) is disclosed on its corporate website. 
  • Swedish Match’s Lobbying Policy (“Political Activity and Payments”) is part of its Code of Conduct.
  • CNTC, Djarum, Gudang Garam, ITC, Swisher, TOAT, and Vinataba do not publicly disclose Lobbying Policies.

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