Fewer than half of Index Companies establish a specific Marketing Policy with specific practical guidelines

  • Altria, BAT, Imperial, JT, KT&G, PMI and Swedish Match have Marketing Policies with specific practical guidelines. 
  • Altria’s Marketing Policy (“Product Communication Principle”) is established in its Code of Conduct. Practical guidelines, e.g., denying requests to use its brands in movies, television, video games and other entertainment media, were disclosed in ”Reducing Harm and Preventing Underage Use 2020-2021.”
  • BAT’s Marketing Policy (“International Marketing Principles”) has ten key themes and five principles for its marketing activities to adhere. The Marketing Policy discloses practical guidelines e.g., selecting third-party social media partners who have at least an 85% adult following when promoting RRPs.
  • Imperial has a Marketing Policy (“Marketing Standards”) applied to its consumer advertising materials and activities. Imperial discloses that its Marketing Standards take precedence except where local law demands a higher standard.
  • JT’s Marketing Policy is based on four principles (“Global Marketing Principles”). JT discloses practical guidelines of how it applies the principles, e.g., not advertising tobacco products on television, radio or in cinemas.
  • KT&G’s Marketing Policy’ (“Responsible Marketing Policy”) discloses practical guidelines, e.g., it will not “associate tobacco products with, or emphasize, any specific value set such as sports, sex, success, expertise, etc.”
  • PMI has separate Marketing Policies for RRPs and HRPs, which disclose practical guidelines, e.g., not engaging in product placement in movies or on television. 
  • Swedish Match’s Marketing Policy (“Responsible Marketing”) is part of its Code of Conduct. The Marketing Policy discloses practical guidelines, e.g., “make sure that all retail sale packaging for nicotine containing products carry an appropriate health warning even when this is not mandatory under applicable law”.
  • CNTC, Djarum, Gudang Garam, ITC, Swisher, TOAT, and Vinataba do not publicly disclose marketing policies related to tobacco products beyond following applicable laws and regulations. 

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