Commitments regarding tobacco harm reduction continue to be vague or non-existent

  • Altria, BAT, CNTC, Imperial, JT, PMI and Swedish Match have made commitments to tobacco harm reduction.
  • Altria’s vision is by 2030 to “responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke- free future.”
  • BAT’s purpose is “reducing the health impact of our business by offering a greater choice of enjoyable and less risky products for our consumers. BAT continues to be clear that combustible cigarettes pose serious health risks.”
  • CNTC’s commitment to tobacco harm reduction is disclosed indirectly, via the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, which states “smoking is harmful to health, tobacco control is imperative, compliance is an obligation, and more it is a responsibility.”
  • Imperial’s commitment is “to strengthening our Next Generation Products (NGP) performance and in doing so, to making a more meaningful contribution to harm reduction by offering adult smokers a range of potentially less harmful products. We are committed to tobacco harm reduction.”
  • JT’s commitment is “to developing and bringing to market Reduced-Risk Products that meet consumer expectations. We will help adult consumers to make informed choices by providing factual information acquired through scientific assessment about the products they may wish to use.”
  • PMI’s objective is to contribute to accelerating the end of smoking for which they are “dedicating the vast majority of our resources to commercializing our smoke-free products. Everyone within our organization—regardless of business function—plays a crucial role in delivering on this purpose.”
  • Swedish Match’s vision is “A world without cigarettes, and we are committed to making important contributions on our path towards that vision.”
  • Djarum, Eastern, Gudang Garam, KT&G, ITC, Swisher, TOAT, and Vinataba do not make commitments to tobacco harm reduction.

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