Future Vision

The Tobacco Transformation Index™ is a long-term initiative with the intention to produce new iterations every two years.

The power of the Index relates to it being a long-term tool. Company executives know that their performance and actions will be evaluated and highlighted on a recurring basis. As a result, the Index will expose company behavior in comparison to stated policies and official disclosures over time, thereby better enabling accountability.

As such, the Index will naturally evolve over time. There is value in being able to compare company performance from period to period, and the index methodology is constructed with this goal in mind. However, it is also expected that as innovations develop and as companies proceed down the transformation path, the nature of the relevant and material metrics will evolve.

Over the long term, the Index aims to incentivize a journey of continuous harm reduction for tobacco users. This means enabling all users to either quit or switch to biologically inert options of nicotine delivery equivalent to nicotine-replacement therapy products, while minimizing the unintended consequences. In support of this goal, the Index will measure company progress, or lack thereof, toward tobacco harm reduction over time.

Regarding Index management and governance, in the future, the Index Advisory Panel will be supplemented by an Expert Review Committee that will advise on technical matters associated with the Index. The Panel may also make recommendations for alternative governance structures, including funding mechanisms, for consideration. The Foundation will evaluate alternative governance structures, including funding mechanisms, to maximize the impact of the Index on its purpose for the long term.