Company-Country Analysis

This report series assesses the 15 tobacco companies in the Tobacco Transformation Index at a country level. Recall that the Index covers 36 countries globally, which account for approximately 85% of the current global population of adult smokers. The company-country analysis is published across a series of four reports.

The first Tobacco Transformation Index, launched in September 2020, ranks the 15 largest tobacco companies in the world, with company scoring calculated at the consolidated level.

During stakeholder consultation sessions, the need was identified to better assess company performance at the country level. Stakeholders noted that companies should be assessed by the Index for actions and outcomes under their control, rather than the result of external factors, while taking the country-level nicotine and tobacco regulatory context into account.

Report 2: Middle East & Africa

The second report focuses on the Middle East & Africa region, and covers the 6 countries in the Tobacco Transformation Index from that region.

Report 1: Asia Pacific

The first report focuses on the Asia Pacific region, and covers the 13 countries in the Tobacco Transformation Index from that region.

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