Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholder engagement is essential for establishing a robust, credible, and effective index.

Active engagement of Stakeholders is critical to the achievement of our objective – the acceleration of the transformation of the tobacco industry for the benefit of public health. We seek and apply stakeholder insights and feedback of divergent perspectives to the evolutionary development of the index through:

  • broad listening sessions which provide valuable input to the design process
  • focused dialogue with stakeholder groups, including investors and researchers.

Our 2020 Stakeholder Dialogue Sessions and Stakeholder Consultation Reports describe our stakeholder engagement in the 2020 Index.

Our interim, 2021, Stakeholder Dialogue Report describes our 2022 Index focused dialogue with investors and researchers.

We will be issuing a full report on our wider Stakeholder Consultation in 2022.

We have defined out Stakeholder population broadly and welcome public health, investors, researchers, companies with an interest in the health impacts, academics and others to participate. Our information and insight is openly available to all stakeholders and we strive to include all views in the development of the Index. We recognize that our stakeholders also include entities and individuals who do not agree with our objective of accelerating tobacco industry transformation for the benefit of public health. Differing opinions exist as to the validity of the science and the role of consumers of smoked tobacco in this transformation. We hope that all of our stakeholders find it helpful and we remain open to constructive dialogue on our objective, our approach and our results.

Stakeholder Consultation Report
March 2020

Stakeholder Dialogue Sessions
September 2021

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